Academics: Fuck It, Just Fuck it

So I had two tests scheduled on the 29th of April. Big ones. The first was an anatomy test on the majority of the musculoskeletal system; this entailed memorizing the origin, attachment, innervation, action, orientation and associated structures of a hundred muscles or so. Refer to here to see the scale of this undertaking. The second test was an analytical biochemistry test: I was relieved to discover on the day that it was all multiple choice. Regardless, for the entire weekend beforehand, I did my best to try and cover everything. Continue reading


Academics: Cramming

Today’s Tonight’s soundtrack.

What the fuck did I think was going to happen.

It’s one of the worst set of circumstances I continually find myself in.

It starts days, weeks, months before the actual test date. I hear about the date the first time: I either immediately forget it or write it down somewhere, then immediately forget it.

A month or two passes. The date draws closer. People start talking about it.

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Thoughts: Cycles

I haven’t posted anything in weeks because I’ve felt there’s nothing new to write about.

I’m still struggling to care enough about my academics to actually study. I replace study time with DotA 2.

Approaching and engaging with women has become exceedingly easy. When I recall the shit I’ve pulled off over the course of approximately the last year I’m hit by the sudden realization that chicks like me and they want to fuck me. Continue reading

Academics: Slow Progress with Anki Musculoskeletal Decks

Constructing flashcards using Anki, MS Paint, lecture PDFs and textbooks.

Constructing flashcards using Anki, MS Paint, lecture PDFs and textbooks.

I’m starting to fall somewhat behind on the schedule I drew up for the anatomy exam in January. While I’d like to attribute it to my 11-hour days in the offices of the Psychiatry wing of another university, it pretty much comes down to procrastination and poor time management.

For the time being, I’m doing my best to get the anatomy done while still allocating enough time for the work I’ve elected to do for the university.

UPDATE: Joints and Osteology of the Upper Limb is finally done, thank fuck.

Academics: Anki – Shared Decks – Anatomy – Musculoskeletal



Joints and Osteology

Bone Markings –
Cranial –
Joints, Joints of the Thoracic Wall –
Vertebral Column-
Upper Limb –
Pelvis and Hip Joint –
Lower Limb (Includes Knee and Ankle Joints) –


Back/Vertebral Column –
Shoulder Girdle –
Upper Limb (Arm)* –
Forearm* ** –

* Requires structural revision of blood vessels (veins?)

** Compartmentalisation of synovial tendon sheaths


Axilla and Brachial Plexus –
Lumbar and Sacral Plexuses –

Academics – Anki – Physiology

For me, the study of physiology effectively entails extracting a list of pertinent facts and explanations from a huge amount of text, and then memorising these one-by-one until they stick. In the examinations, 10 to thirty mark questions are asked on some kind of physiological phenomena. This is where the flashcarding comes in: I simply dump all the information I’ve memorised about the topic onto the page and bam, there’s my answer. Details and nuances are all included, ambiguities explained, reasoning made sound. All of those hours busting my ass with Anki, wading through metric fucktons of information constructing concise, comprehensive flashcards pay off in that one three-hour exam session.


An example of the use of Anki flashcards that I wrote: Continue reading