Studying – 09/03/2014

Today’s soundtrack.

It’s 14:46, Sunday.

I have two reports due tomorrow. One is busywork horseshit, basically a form I have to fill out calculating my muscle mass using measurements made during a practical. It can be rushed in less than an hour. The other is slightly more difficult: a systems biochemistry homework assignment I ┬áskimmed over once a few days ago. It didn’t look too easy, so I’ll have to allocate a few hours to it later tonight.

The most pressing concern is the anatomy test on Tuesday. It’s just bones: craniology, bony landmarks, joints, ligaments, articulations. Fortunately, all the flashcards have been completed already, so it’s simply a question of hammering it in.


I’ve covered everything so far except the lower limb. After I’ve given that a good few passes, I have to go back and focus on craniology, the vertebral column and the pelvic landmarks.



Studied some anatomy – only joints, ligaments, craniometry and a quick review of the entire section remains. Should be good by Tuesday afternoon.

Had a look at the biochemistry tutorial – doesn’t look too simple.

Going to hit the bong with two of my friends now and see if THC/CBD has any (ameliorative) effect on studying.


Well, I haven’t started studying yet, but THC/CBD makes me inclined to add eight sugars to coffee I bought with my friends at the gas station.


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