Academics: Cramming

Today’s Tonight’s soundtrack.

What the fuck did I think was going to happen.

It’s one of the worst set of circumstances I continually find myself in.

It starts days, weeks, months before the actual test date. I hear about the date the first time: I either immediately forget it or write it down somewhere, then immediately forget it.

A month or two passes. The date draws closer. People start talking about it.

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Thoughts: Cycles

I haven’t posted anything in weeks because I’ve felt there’s nothing new to write about.

I’m still struggling to care enough about my academics to actually study. I replace study time with DotA 2.

Approaching and engaging with women has become exceedingly easy. When I recall the shit I’ve pulled off over the course of approximately the last year I’m hit by the sudden realization that chicks like me and they want to fuck me. Continue reading