My Shoes Are Too Fucking Loud

I bought them at the beginning of last year. Cost a pretty penny. Brown leather, zips on the sides. They’re great, except for the fucking soles. There’s wood, then there’s rubber underneath the wood. Except, after having worn them for all but half a dozen times, the rubber on the edge of the heel has been worn away and now there’s just fucking wood. Hard, solid, loud wood.

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Angela Part 1, Women in General

This is the continuation of this post – my first genuine attempt to meet and connect with girls on campus.

The outcome of the first approach exceeded expectations in every regard. I simply went up to the glass door, knocked, opened, and said “Hey, excuse me, but I thought you’re the cutest girl I’ve seen all day, and I had to come and meet you.” She smiled, we talked, discovered shared passions for psychology and neuroscience, laughed a bit, good shit. The great thing about opening with direct honesty is that there’s zero ambiguity. I’m here because I intend on eventually having sex with you. Naturally, it’s all tact and subtext: I’m not going to say ‘I want to bang you’ right out the gate because any quality self-respecting girl would blow me out instantly. Euphemisms like I think you’re cute and let’s get coffee, balanced with the non-platonic touch on the arm here and a brush against the thigh there, pave the way for the eventual consummation.

This was Thursday last week. We had sex Saturday night. I was hella fucking impressed with myself.

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Oasis – End of Week 12 – 3rd of February 2014

Holy shit am I mad right now.

Or I was mad, thirty minutes ago. Now I’m hammering this out on my phone in the gym in-between sets of squats.

My ex got into fucking medicine.


My ex, who cried over the phone when she was failing high-school physics. Whose sense of humor was so painfully mundane I died a little bit more inside every time she didn’t get one of my jokes. Whose most insightful comment into any interpersonal problem was ‘everything happens for a reason’.

She is now studying Bachelor of motherfucking Medicine, Bachelor of motherfucking Surgery.

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