PhysDev – Log – #1 – 28th December 2013

With my gym membership finalised and my diet/sleeping patterns becoming more stable, weightlifting has become an exceedingly joyous activity.

Currently, I’m easing into the training, slowly working up from three days a week to six. I have to be very careful with how I approach the structure of each workout. Right now,I’m taking it easy to avoid burnout. The program is as follows, with exercises in brackets being those that are still being phased in.


Squats                                             5×5                     4 minute rest
Dumbbell Bench Press                   4×8                     3 minute rest
Unweighted Dips                             3xVariable*         3 minute rest

* Scaling with increased reps instead of added weight


Dumbbell Bench Press                   4×12                   1 minute rest
Lat Pulldowns – Overhand              3×8                     2 minute rest
(Dumbbell Flys)                               3×10                   1 minute rest
Unweighted Dips*                            3xVariable          2 minute rest
(Lying Straight Leg Raises)             3×8                     1.5 minute rest

* Occasionally substituted for Skull Crushers if triceps are particularly shot from BP/Flys.


Deadlifts                                           1/3/5×5*               5 minute rest
Barbell Military Press                        5×5**                   3 minute rest
Seated Cable Rows                          4×10                    2 minute rest

* Number of sets is usually inversely proportional to weight to avoid CNS depletion
** Two to three drops sets usually follow


Double Kettlebell CnJs*                    4×10                       2 minute rest
Lat Pulldowns – Overhand                4×8                         2 minute rest
(Dragon Flags)                                  3×8-10                   1.5 minute rest
Dumbbell Shoulder Raises               4×12                       1 minute rest
(Barbell 21s)                                      3 sets                    1.5 minute rest

* Clean and Jerks


Scaling up from

AxBxCxDxAxBxCxDx etc.



Current weight is more or less 83kg.



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